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favorite song :D (clean version *i hope/think xD)

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Sillyworld by Stone Sour

My personal favorite song

(again, it SHOULD be the clean version)


song lyric of the week (or month) #2

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images“Trials in life, questions of us existing here, don’t wanna die alone without you here. Please tell me what we have is real…”

-Seize the Day; Avenged Sevenfold



Song lyric of the week

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So from now on, every week, I will try to post an outstanding song lyric; starting with this one

“If only sorrow could build a staircase, or tears could show the way… we would climb our way to Heaven, and bring him home again…”

-from Bring Me The Horizon’s “Suicide Season”

There’s no official video, but this one’s good:

A Slice of Life

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I work in a haunted house. Naturally, working in a haunted house provides interesting experiences. While working on a Saturday, a group of intoxicated individuals came through. My job in this haunted house is a zombie. As a zombie, I do a lot of crawling. One of the intoxicated people felt he had the right to stomp -hard- on my back. Of course, it made me pretty angry, but I kept cool. They were kicked out, but I had to leave work early. :(


Somewhere to go…

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One place in the world I’d really like to visit is Rome. There is a lot of history there. From wine to wars to conquering other nations, Rome has it all. My girlfriend and I would both like to travel the world. Rome would be a highlight spot and we’d probably stay for a week then go to Germany. I speak some German and I’m taking a German class so it would be interesting for me to learn German culture firsthand.Rome


Must-see place in Oregon…

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OR crater lake national parkIf there were a place to see near where i live, I would recommend seeing Crater Lake. Crater Lake has, by far, the cleanest water I have ever seen. It’s a huge scenic volcano that has accumulated pure water by way of snow melt and precipitation. There is a lodge with a cafe and there are some gift shops. You’ll always have some kind of souvenir when you leave Crater Lake.


A Learning Experience- for Life…

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I’ve learned a lot outside of school. The one thing that I’ll remember most, however is when I learned what it’s like to be ridiculed based on a physical feature. Being a redhead (or “Ginger”) I’ve encountered many “haters” of sorts. I can tell you it’s not fun to be whispered about, to be excluded, or even to be told up front you’re a lower-class human being. The thing that really keeps me going despite all that is the immense amount of support from my friends. By experiencing this ridicule in my life, I’ve learned to respect myself and others. I’ll truly never forget that lesson. I guess in a way I should be thankful for it- despite the hurtfulness of it all.   O.o


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My name is Bret. I am currently enrolled at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon, USA. My favorite thing in this world is music. I enjoy  music from the Rock, Metal, Country, and Techno genres. Some of my favorite artists are “Guns N’ Roses”, “Avenged Sevenfold”, Josh Turner, and “Daft Punk”. I also enjoy playing sports- especially football and lacrosse- and video games- especially Guitar Hero and Super Smash Bros. I look forward to learning more about other cultures through blogging. (P.S. I also enjoy Hollywood Undead!!!!:D)

I hope y’all enjoy learning about me… lolz. :D :)

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